This God Marquee is part of my daily bicycle commute. And this particular message in it's original legible form caught my attention the other day as a reminder of one of my greatest imperfections: perfectionism. Certainly one of the biggest … [Read more]

Kwintet and the Unimind

My sweet girlfriend, Melissa, gave me a new Miles Davis album for my birthday. She'd heard about it on NPR and turned me on to it, I'd loved it, she logged that information, I forgot about it, and she got it for me. Such is the way it goes with group … [Read more]

Can we Chaat?

It was a year ago today, or maybe tomorrow. I was in Bodh Gaya biking around in stifling heat, visiting the beautiful Mahabodhi temple, meditating under the bodhi tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment, doing "hot yoga" in my guesthouse room … [Read more]

April’s Meditating Fool

It’s the first of April. But it feels BIG. Something worthy of a celebration--a quiet one anyway. After hanging a couple loads of laundry and starting the dishwasher, I did yoga in my kitchen (the only carpetless floor in my house). Then I stepped o … [Read more]

Snowfall on Suburbia – a Photo Essay

I'm sick in bed. I made it through the work week, cut out only an hour early, headed home for bed, bath and ramen. [Clarification: this was not the ramen of the living-from-paycheck-to-paycheck working stiff. Oh no. This was the ramen of the … [Read more]